welcome to DEMPSEYS LIFE!!

hell yeah! whats up guys this is my website and im putting crazy things on!!!  this is gonna be really really fun... 


 i am 6 and my name is dempsey hope-wight and i like to play basketball.  i wanted to be on a team this year, but my mom forgot to sign me up on time..

i go to school at AS#1, and i have lots of friends. we always play a little game i like to call, BUMP. and everyone at my school plays it. i also really like pokemon, and skateboarding, and swimming, and drawing, and club penguin.

you should go to www.clubpenguin.com. it's awesome! i play all the time. and so do my friends.

and i love to play cool games. and go ICE SKATING!


Hi! this is me. that is me when i had long hair. im tryin to grow it out again. last time i was trying to, i had lice. so i couldn't cause i had to cut it.  i am NOT getting lice this time... ;)